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Facials , Yes Please !

Do you know you can get monthly limitless beauty treatments without a commitment , for the price of one treatment. There are many benefits to getting monthly facials treatments ,and a skin package often begins with a goal and a one-on-one skin strategy. Many treatments that you would need to get are accumulative , meaning that the results build off each other after each treatment. If you find yourself needing or getting multiple treatments to reach and maintain optimal results, or just need those spa relaxing getaways this monthly facial membership is a great option for you !


 Take The Leap Into A New You!

Diet and Exercise usually are the best way to slim down and tone . But sometimes we just can't get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite or tighten skin from weight loss. Body Sculpting can give you the opportunity to diminish that cellulite, dissolve stubborn those fat pockets ,tighten the loose skin , even enhance and lift the derriere without going under the knife. These Non- Invasive Treatments are evolving giving you results and we are offer them at an affordable cost. All we ask that you maintain a healthy eating habit and consume enough water for the best optimal results. Come on in and Let's Reshape Your Life

No Contracts Or Long Term Commitments !

Membership Plan (Package Deal)

We created a membership to make it easier and more affordable for our clients to be able achieve their skin care and body goals. Now you can begin working on your healthiest and new you ! There are so many perks to being a member , you'll receive a FREE Upgrade Service every time you refer someone who purchases a Membership Plan . It's a short term investment for lasting results ! 


  VIP Exclusive Package 



1 hr + Session


Bes​t Package Offer 


1 hr +  Session

Ready to save over 50 % by becoming an member. The treatments are performed to remove stubborn body fat , reduce cellulite and reshape the body to give you the body goals you desire .The procedures provided are non invasive, they are safe and require no down time. Once analyzed we can built a plan together !


Mix & Match Services Per Visit :


* Vacuum Butt Enhancement 

* Infrared Detox Sauna

* Wood Therapy

* Cellulite Treatment 

* Ultrasonic Cavitation 

* RF Skin Tightening

* HIFU Skin Tightening ( +$50 *per Area)

* Mesotherapy  ( +$50* per Syringe ) 

* EMS ( Muscle Stimulator )

* Teeth Whitening ( +$25* )












Best Package Offer  


 8 Sessions Of Body Sculpting Package



Split your purchase into 4 payments so you can spread the cost of your purchase over time. 

No interest or added fees when you pay on time.  All you have to do is choose your procedure , 

add the service(s) to the checkout and schedule your appointment .  


Let’s be honest, a monthly facial membership is worth it. Not only will you save money, but it will also encourage you to take better care of your skin. You can enhance your skin and boost results with an added Massage and Hydrojelly enhancement of choice. This is a great asset to add to your beauty regimen and maintenance... It is Limitless Beauty 



            * Customized Facials 

            * TCA ''No Peel'' Peel

            * Back & Booty Polish 

            * Dermaplaning

            * Microneedling

            * Radio Frequency 

            * Hydrafacial

            * LED Light Therapy





        Save Over 25% Off The Following : 


            * PRP Treatments



                  Hair Growth

                  Plasma Gel Fillers

            * Fibroblast Plasma Pen 

            * Needle Less Fillers 

            * Bio revitalization  

            * RF Microneedling 

            * HIFU Face Lifting

            * Botox Facial

            * BB Glow






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